Quantum Consciousness

Consciousness could occur at the fundamental level of spacetime geometry when the brain stops being perfused. It doesn’t dissipate but remains together by entanglement. So an individual’s personality, consciousness, memory, soul if you will, could be entangled in a quantum sense and persist as fluctuations in the time scale of the universe. ~Dr. Stuart Hameroff


[A]sk the question is consciousness a continuum or is it a sequence of discrete events? I think there’s a lot of evidence that consciousness is a sequence of discrete events. It appears continuous but just like if we see a movie or a video it appears continuous but it’s actually a sequence of discrete frames. I think consciousness is also a sequence of discrete frames. ~Dr. Stuart Hameroff

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Quantum Consciousness

  1. […] Quantum Consciousness (nikotheorb.wordpress.com) […]

  2. […] Quantum Consciousness (nikotheorb.wordpress.com) […]

  3. […] Quantum Consciousness (nikotheorb.wordpress.com) […]

  4. Love this, Niko. I just read an article by Rick Hanson that you might like. It is called Eddies in the Stream at buddhistgeeks.com.
    Love the idea of slowing down reality by increasing thoughts per second through meditation. I’m so interested in proto-consciousness. Thanks for sharing. {{{hugs}}} Kozo

    • Ah, I do love the sharing of new information. I will give that article a read as soon as I am through on wordpress. Thank you for the link and the information, the title alone strikes an interesting chord within me.

  5. Also, Hameroff’s own site:


    Oddly I had just quoted something relating to Hameroff on another site yesterday.

    It also looks like electromagnetism is involved too. Not sure if I already gave you this link


    Where I discuss Persinger’s experiments with brain entanglement.

    • I have been digging into Hameroff’s work, but had not yet stumbled upon his Quantum Consciousness.org site. Thank you for the introduction. I love the way in which he approaches the idea of consciousness. He was not a physicist at first, but an anesthesiologist. Quantum physics came after he encountered the question of what was happening in the brain at the time of apparent death.

      And no, you had not yet given me the second link. I will be taking a look at that when I am through on WP. Thank you much; I am an avid learner and quite curious as to new information, I will read the article and watch the video. Brain entanglement sounds fascinating and like something I would be greatly intrigued by. I thank you.

  6. Each frame of 3D physical reality is “static”, frequency = vibrations per unit of time, but time is the illusion of motion – which is a shifting from one dimension to the next. The frequency that we create in our consciousness when we create the illusion of time is what determines which frame falls into the slot which gives us this “sense” of continuity.
    Bashar video explains this quite well:

    Consciousness entanglement sounds fascinating, like unity consciousness at play. 😀

  7. If you think quantum entanglement sounds fascinating, you should definitely look more into what Stuart Hameroff writes and more of his videos available on YouTube. The University of Arizona (where Hameroff is a professor) has a Consciousness Studies field (also with videos on YouTube) and you can learn a lot more of what he says and how he explains this idea of quantum consciousness and about the cycles in the mind and how that applies to consciousness.

    Thank you for the video and introduction into something new. I had not heard or read of Bashar before. However, I do agree with you about frequency and time shifts. And in a writing I read by Hameroff, he mentions that he thinks reality is a series of discrete moments that appear continuous.

  8. […] Quantum Consciousness (nikotheorb.wordpress.com) […]

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