Happiness In Sadness

Louis C.K., delivered in his talented, comedic way, illustrates the reason why his girls do not have cellphones. He makes a valid point in his philosophy that it is okay to feel alone and to just feel, to be present in loneliness, sadness, and empathy; as from this emotive dance comes happiness and gratitude. Louis C.K. points out that cellphones can disconnect human beings from being present with their feelings, from learning to empathize with other human beings. Although, humorous, his point has veracity.

3 thoughts on “Happiness In Sadness

  1. Technology seems to turn people into machines. It is practical for safety reasons to allow children cellphones, but restrictions on their use is a good idea.

    • Indeed.

      And that, I think, is the ultimate point of what Louis C.K. was saying. I saw much on the internet of him being heralded as anti-cellphone, but that is not how I took his philosophy. I think he did not want cellphones to replace human interaction and engagement with his daughters and for his daughters or to miss out on being in the moment with real emotion. I think he is trying NOT to turn them into machines, while acknowledging the existence of and even allure of possessing a cellphone.

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