Top 14 Best Film Scenes

14. 2001: A Space Odyssey (The Dawn of Man)

13. Platoon (When the Machine Breaks Down)

12. Network (The Natural Order of the World Today)

11. . . .And Justice For All (There Is Something Really Wrong Going On Here)

10. Apocalypse Now (Real Freedoms)

9. 12 Monkeys (Plague of Madness)

8. Devil’s Advocate (The Goof of All Time)

7. North Dallas Forty (Winning’s  Gotta Be More Than Just Money)

6. Easy Rider (Bought And Sold In The Marketplace)

5. Margin Call (Fingers On The Scales)

4. Good Will Hunting (Don’t Do That)

3. Scent of a Woman (Principles)

2. Crumb (Cultural Homogeneity)

1. Planet of the Apes (The Eve of Man)


QOTD Whoopi Goldberg

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English: no original description (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I started examining my own trip. What are my day to day worries? I mean, what grinds my ass to the bone on a day to day basis, man? Things like why can’t I get an American Express card? Why can’t I find a hairdresser to mess with my coif? I mean, these are my big day to day worries, man. But then you go into a room like this [Anne Frank House] and you hold up your coif and your card against life and death and you know the true meaning of trivial pursuits. ~”Fontaine”, character by Whoopi Goldberg Direct From Broadway show 1985