What Is ‘You’?

The real you is not a puppet which life pushes around; the real, deep down you is the whole universe. ~Alan Watts

From The Mind Of A Schizo, Affected

I am always thinking about what people are doing, so does that mean, I always know what people are doing? But, it seems as if they are always thinking about what they are supposed to do (what someone else told them to do). I even think about what I am doing. Why do I do that? So, if people are only thinking about what they are supposed to do or what someone else tells them to do, does that mean people can never think for themselves? If you are always thinking about what you are supposed to do, that someone told you to do, how can you ever think of anything else? If you cannot think of anything else, then how can you think for yourself?

They are only ever thinking about what someone else told them to do. Someone outside of themselves. Therefore, not you. So, you never think about yourself, and so never think for yourself. If you never think about yourself, and for yourself, then you are only think about something other than yourself, and what it (the socially constructed ego) tells you to do. You listen to some Thing else. When you listen to some Thing else, you react all the time to sounds. The sound of the alarm bell, the sound of the phone ringing, the sound of the television, the “sound” of the internet, the sound of voices over radio; all the time synthesised, mechanized sounds. The sounds of the System in which you reside. The System, although illusory, that you listen to, and let tell you what to do. These sounds become normal, because you have always heard them. Ever since you were born, you were born into this world of sound. And then you were enrolled into a school,
which told you what those sounds are. And you listened. You did not question. You let it tell you what to do. You do not think for yourself. If you do not think for yourself, do you know what ‘You’ is, or even if ‘You’ are? If you do not know that, how do you know what to do, unless a sound or someone (an other human with imaginary authority) tells you? If you do not know what to do, you are listening to what someone else is telling you what to do. Because even after you are out of school and you are all grown up, you are still listening to the sounds. If you are listening to the sounds, ‘You’are being told what to do and ‘You’ (that ego) cannot be real.

Anamorphic Polymorphic Sticker ...well it doesn't even exist*Image Credits (all artwork used with permission through CC license)–
“Digital Ego: Social and Legal Aspects of Virtual Identity” by Kevin Lim
“Anamorphic Polymorphic Sticker …well it doesn’t even exist” by Tommaso Meli

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5 thoughts on “What Is ‘You’?

  1. In my opinion there is a need to build a personal sacred space of selfhood, then wall it with a strong set of boundaries that creates a clear line of me and world. I am master of my space, and anyone who wishes access to my space faces my boundaries, nothing enters without my agreement, otherwise my boundaries will block their access.

    • I agree with you, personal space is necessary within modern culture; I can even see the need of an ego (even one created by one’s self) as a boundary within this modern culture, as it can be quite the perilous place without one (i.e., unfortunately, humans, as a whole race, have not quite learnt the ability of kindness, compassion, empathy, sympathy, etc. as actual ways of being, rather than nicely placed words on a billboard or ad or out of a politician’s [or some other illusory figure of authority] oration).

      In this modern culture, to me, boundaries are the same as ownership, as possession, as insecurity, because in this modern culture everyone, by default, as a whole is treated like a crook, a bad person, someone to be distrusted and guarded against. As Watts says, “we have been bamboozled. . .” and as Bernays says in this post. [NOTE: I say this with no means of offense to you, Alex; please do not mistake me].

      However, an ego is not so easy for someone like myself. Were I to even create an ego, this would drive me, quite literally, into madness. Genuiness in being is the only way that I can be, as, to me (and this could be attributed to having SchizoAffective Disorder), elsewise would be unreal.

      Love the comment, though, because in it, it is like saying that if I am that I am, and I am honest and genuines in that being, then if someone were uncomfortable then that is not the fault of mine, but the issue of theirs, as long as my intent was never to harm or to cause discomfort. Unfortunately, this society seeks to fight before comprehension and understanding and the seeking of similiarities where there could be many. Instead, imaginary lines are drawn and conflict begun in the name of some ideology. This, too, blocks access, but all the wrong accesses.

      Thanks for your comments, you always stir good conversation.

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