Welcoming our new Guest-blogger: Niko

I am now a guest blogger at Free Psychology. Please check out the incredible and mind-blowing, very informative posts on her blog. She aims to bridge the world of Mental Health and “normal” health. And she, as well as the other contributors, do so beautifully.

Free psychology

Dear readers

I can not underline enough,mess how very happy I am for all the people willing to share their stories and views of the world with us. I am sorry I have not written a proper introduction to all yet, there is simply to many things to write and too little time. But know I truly appreciate all your posts, and I have to honor especially Judee for also having looked through many posts for grammatical errors (that my Norwegian-prejudiced brain cannot detect). I recently came in contact with the most lovely women, called “Niko”. It touched me how alive and beautiful both her personality and writing was, and emotional softy as I am, her way of describing her inner world, gave me goosebumps and tears in my eyes. I thought: YES! This is how it must be. The slightly (at first) confusing post, made perfect sense since I…

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