Saved By Love


We were going to commit suicide, but we were stopped by Love. . .

Last week, as we screamed and cried in resistance, suicide seemed the only answer to cure the unrelenting torment by the system upon our minds. Told by its systematized agents we must obey, else be tested until cured of our persistent affliction to hold onto existence unabashed, we prepared for finality, the end of this repulsive rapport. Instead, exercising a will to live free, we decided suicide was a strange reaction of two sane, healthy and functional beings. It was love that stopped us and what follows in the succeeding paragraphs is our actual response as to why that suicidal dream deferred. 

Never again will we permit destruction to our minds. Never again will we participate in the fraud, deception, absurdity and insanity of this system. Rather, we choose life, sanity, love and compassion. In whatever…

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