Out with the Old, In with the New Culture

Evolution is a process of creating patterns of increasing order….I believe that it’s the evolution of patterns that constitutes the ultimate story of our world. Evolution works through indirection: each stage or epoch uses the information-processing methods of the previous epoch to create the next.”

Planet 8000 background by Courtney RhodesMuch like the hippies, the hepcats, the mods, hipsters, flappers, etc., the culture of the constitution and the work ethic, of the social etiquette and clearly defined boundaries, the impunity of bloated, over-regulated bureaucracy and the absence of accountability are on its way out.

Web 2.0 Digitage 2012 by Maureen Flynn-BurhoeWelcome to the electronic culture.

Science fiction writers forewarned of this inevitability for years. Although, we cowered and enjoyed the show heed was not paid. Now, the ideology that one must work hard at one’s career in order to reap the most benefit from the American Dream no longer applies.

The incoming culture does not seem to want the promising career, as they understand that the dream has popped. Go to school, graduate with your [enclosed] classroom mates in a building on a stage; go to college, work for more money to afford necessities, graduate in an old-fashioned building in uniformity and lockstep. Then get a job, pay your student loans, work until retirement, pay your taxes to The Man, pay into social security, get a mortgage and a family, start accumulating debt, do this for 30-40 years and retire. . . broke and sick. This is not an American dream it is a nightmare.

Euphoria by HartwigHKDThe incoming culture seems to embrace a familiar, yet, new and improved for the 21st century paradigm as well as advocating a simpler, less regulated lifestyle. Social morality and responsibility that seems to have been inspired by Kohlberg’s scale of moral development, post-conventional level has replaced conventional social roles, norms and mores of daily behavior.

Economically in the upcoming culture, quality is far more valuable than quantity. Quantity is synonymous with junk, but junk that can be cheaply modified into a quality product. Shopping for quality, the most return (worth) on a single item, or purchasing in bulk to save money seems to be favored over mass-produced products planned for obsolescence. As shopping malls along with other box stores close, much more informed shopping waits in the wake. Now, a desired item can be price-compared across the planet with an easy Google search. The best quality items can be bought to exact and personal specifications for a small price; even a car, land and home can be purchased this way. Much more productive and constructive actions can be performed online at home, than can be accomplished by, at or in many obsolete jobs of the outgoing culture.

Eole Airlines by Eole WindThrift shops offer many name brand fashions at 70%, 80%, 90% off the regular price, leading to the understanding that you can look sharp at pauper’s prices. Eating healthy: the adage You Are What You Eat seems to have gripped the public imagination (or at least the media’s).

Further, the incoming culture seems much more informed than the outgoing culture. As the incoming culture becomes more wise to the wiles of social engineering—as that culture having grown up on the internet uses social engineering for practical jokes and pranks—media like FoxNews ceases to be the sole source (or even preferred source) of current events around the world. The internet serves as a much more organic and dynamic source of current events, like the rise of Twitter as a relevant and reliable news source. The heroes of the incoming culture do not include the founding fathers, but such instantly recognizable figures as Bill Nye, MythBusters, Carl Sagan, Charlie Bukowski, Bill Murray, zombie apocalypse, and the unending fleet of viral memes like Antoine and, recently, Homeless Kai.

From another dimension by HartwigHKDGod and organized religion have been fired as even FoxNews shows the glaring hypocrisy contained therein. Now, genuine and sincere acceptance (rather than tolerance) for anyone to be who they want to be as long as no harm becomes another is the mantra of fellow humans (see the new niche, Random Acts of Kindness). Religion (and to some degree science—see noetic sciences) has evolved to interdisciplinary perspectives that combines science, the esoteric and occult, and the mystical.

Sex is great and awesome as much as possible with consenting parties, free love 3.0. The incoming culture knows much more about the political arena (and not what comes sold on TV, or hired out to speechwriters and/or lobbyists). The incoming culture knows the political game and are not only playing it when the need presents Dematerialization by HartwigHKD itself (i.e., when one of the outgoing culture exits stage left), but are satirizing, criticizing, scrutinizing, and parodying the game. They know and understand the lingo and jargon and they have hawk eyes that see through the drivel. Creativity abounds and is nourished (oddities are accepted and oftentimes poached by corporations).

The status quo of the outgoing culture has ended, supplanted by the incoming culture and their more eastern-influenced and indigenous ideals. The new maxim might become “Come One Come All, Just Don’t Be A Douchebag”.

“Each epoch continues the evolution of information through a paradigm shift to a further level of ‘indirection.’ (That is, evolution uses the results of one epoch to create the next.)”

TL;DR by Skinned Mink

Image Credits (all used with permission through CC license)–
(in order of appearance)
“Planet 8000 background” by Courtney Rhodes
“Web 2.0 Digitage 2012” by Maureen Flynn-Burhoe
“Euphoria” by HartwigHKD
“Eole Airlines” by Eole Wind
“From another dimension” & “Dematerialization” by HartwigHKD
“TL;DR” by Skinned Mink

*Quotes by Ray Kurzweil

8 thoughts on “Out with the Old, In with the New Culture

  1. “Come One Come All, Just Don’t Be A Douchebag” That’s awesome. It reminds me of a picture I grabbed from the web when I encountered it. It’s Moses holding up the tablets of the commandments except there is only one command on each. The first says ‘Be cool’, the other says ‘Don’t be an A**hole’.

    I think that’s a great point about acceptance replacing tolerance. It’s no longer ‘cool’ to quietly tolerate difference- ACCEPTANCE is the mark of an enlightened, evolved, and ‘cool’ person today.

    • :=) I’d love to see that photo you mentioned, it sounds apropos.

      Yes, acceptance is someone who has taken the time to actually think about or internalize the thoughts of another, or their beliefs, to in some way share a meeting of the minds, even if their perspectives should differ. Whereas tolerance is only about the forced coexistence or cohabitation with those with whom you’d otherwise rather not associate, which involves no thoughtfulness at all.

      Thank you for the response. 🙂

  2. An extraordinary post on web empowered with a voice capable of awaking the sleeping ignorant to see the light of knowledge spreading across the world for a cultural paradigm shift. Yes it is time for us to build our new houses of cultural beliefs, which suits the changing environment. The patterns left by the past with a promise on a safest path to go through will not lead us to a favorable evolution, favoring global changes pertaining to all aspects. But, on the other hand we should not forget that we were advancing from the thoughts of past, isms of past, inventions of past, experiments of past etc. so recalling and referring past is mandatory whereas reliving and dwelling in to them is prohibitory.
    If the quality is gaining demand over quantity at global market, then it is a progress towards ultimate destiny. Hopefully we are heading towards where we are supposed to. Because while quantity takes over quality and stands at the winning edge, it is mostly refers to a progress of Natural destruction, destruction of life of social ethics and cultural values. A quality objective of an individual or of an organization both adds to improve the life style and longevity.
    A culture incoming while showing way out to an existing one is impossible. A paradigm shift of culture is accepted and widely appreciated to the point where the good parts of preexisting one is reconsidered, modified, taken in to consideration or else ignored as and however applicable. So bridging the existing one with the newly coming in is wanted and welcomed.
    Standardizing some isms for life, making a life following old philosophies, sticking to international standards and benchmarks this is where we as individuals fail and as organization stay non-supportive to such needful people in to the system.
    There are at least now the signs of people, Nationals, and continentals becoming audible and receptive to pains and problems of one another, and this is what the point to start to find out a balanced global economic policy, trade agreement and social responsibilities pertaining to individuals, groups and leaders.
    With Regards

    • Thank you for the excellent and thoughtful response. Yes, you and I agree on the subject and topic presented in this post, as we often do in our many conversations we have shared on a number of posts here at the blog. As you describe is the natural tendency of a paradigm shift, of any kind of shift that involves the a transition between the old and the new; no more different than one season passing through another, or one galaxy passing through another.

  3. I loved your definition on evolution, which I agree with.

    I have observed in my home town and the world the sort of developments of the new reality which you have written about in your blog post, this gives me hope for the future.

    • I agree, that is a great definition of evolution; however, it is not mine. It is from Ray Kurzweil, considered one of the fathers of the singularity idea.

      Yes, this incoming culture is evident in the present, just as the culture we know of today was evident in yesterday. This is how we now read of literary writers whom we now call visionaries. It’s like a sychological/biological/social archaeology.

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