Sunday Afternoon Drive

Put a little love in your heart. . .

The Love Tree

Sunday Afternoon Drive: a new series.

This is episode one of a new series featuring video taken while on the road (style is documentary/music video kind of a feel).

Other music video here (Autumn Brewed, original song by Nancy Pontius).

All footage filmed by NIKOtheOrb.
Music, “Departure” by Steve Ferguson (used with permission under CC license).
Image, “The Love Tree” produced by CosmikSquirelSTOCK.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Drive

  1. […] music video here (Sunday Afternoon Drive, featuring original song by Steve […]

  2. Thank you for this beautiful testament to love on this heavy day. Your pastoral images sparked a nostalgia for a time past. I love the image of the two hands on the bench seat. One day, you need to teach me some of your video techniques. Beautiful, Niko.

    • You’re welcome and thank you, Kozo. The two hands on the seat is my favorite image, too, actually.

      Let me know when you want the video techniques lessons :-D, you’ll be surprised how much you’ll learn…oh, not so much from me, but from just poking around in a video editing program. I’ve been through several trying to find the one that offers the most creative techniques to lend any video a little something extra. There’s a lot more I have to learn myself. But the postproduction part of filming is definitely as fun as filming, if you ask me.

      Thanks for stopping by, Kozo, and for all your wonderful support and comments. 🙂

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