Humanity is but a scale. . .

It is this hard wiring that must be reprogrammed, not so much in individual persons, but in the DNA of humanity itself. The gene must be turned back on. Like reversing the damage done by centuries of the civilized life, well, reversing it without returning to the original point, so a new point to begin evolving. In the civilized life, we forget that we are animals and start believing that we are superior. We start believing that the abilities of mental acuity makes us formidable and beyond reproach. We start thinking it makes us immortal. Although, we can possess mental acuity and we are (as energy) immortal, we are not as humans immortal, we are not untouchable, we are not an ALL KNOWING BEING. Humanity is but a scale, a dimension of existence, a level of magnification. As is consciousness.

© Damien Bouchard / Stock Project1

There are such apprehensions as infinite finitudes and finite infinities. There is limited unlimits and unlimited limits. It’s more like a spiral, and by spiral, that is to say a gradient (or levels of degrees). A growing, an expansion….not some vertical all powerful CEO. Nature knows this, the Earth knows this. Take, for instance, a spider building its web above the rapids. To put what the spider did into human terminology, he will yield the most return because he built an efficient economy. Bugs gather above the water because it is a source of food for them as well, some will inevitability be trapped in the web. Spiders build webs all over sporadically it seems. But that’s on one level of magnification. There is an intelligence here, it could be on the quantum level or on the macro level [that is should we say if the earth is conscious] which protrudes from motion as a spider that builds a web above the water. The spider knows. And humans are a scale of knowing, a way of explaining the world.

And this deep knowledge (by deep, I allude to volume of Time) is projected as instinct and awareness.

“My rule is, when you are unhappy, think about it. But when you’re happy, don’t. Why spoil it? You’re probably happy for some ridiculous reason and you’d just spoil it to know it.” ~Richard Feynman

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Top image, “Tech Drop” by Mohamed Raoof
Second image, “Mountain Climber” by Damien Bouchard, distributed by StockProject1

32 thoughts on “Humanity is but a scale. . .

  1. Sometimes the way forward is a step back. We have lost something in our giant leaps forward, called progress, and so although we have vast knowledge, we appear to lack wisdom. This is a great post.

    • Indeed, indeed, Alex. Your words ring true. We need to remember that we don’t know everything and have not yet gained the wisdom for the ability to know everything.

      Thank you for the comment.

      • I don’t think will ever be able to gain the that wisdom…

      • You may be correct. Perhaps not as an entirety (meaning the whole human race) will we ever gain that wisdom, but possibly and probably some will (and do). That’s just the beginning, as it will be those members of the human race who prepare us for a future.

  2. “Deep” post, Niko. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around the gradient analogy. I love the idea that we can move on the scale to higher consciousness using Earth, nature, and humanity as our guide.

    • Thank you! The gradient analogy is a way of describing the degrees or levels of magnification within all things, that is to say a kind of nonduality. That one thing leads easily into another, that we are all a part and part of everything and everyone.

      Thanks for the comment, as always, they are poignant.

      • Very good post. A rare apatite for my mind
        Nonduality.. oneness and one thing leads into another.
        You might find this reading interesting “Shifting Worlds, Changing Minds” by Jeremy Hayward. 🙂

      • Thank you very much. I am always pleased to spread the seeds of consciousness. 🙂

        And thank you for the book recommendation. I am one always looking for new books to read. I will give that a look when next I am at the bookstore or library.

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  4. I love the fact that there are people who think the same way I do. This is something I’ve been pondering over for quite a while. We are just another form of animal. One capable of rational thought and mental acuity, yes, but still animal. The only difference is that we know what we’re doing and the other animals don’t. That doesn’t make us as extremely supreme as we believe ourselves to be.

    • That is what I was trying to say with this post and you have summed it succinctly. Humans are animal, basically, imbibed with mental acuity, which is just another trait as the dog’s excellent sense of smell, or the cat’s balance, this does not by right make humans superior, only just another living organism with some interesting traits. This, however, does not remove the beauty of humanity, but adds to it and reveals it more.

      Thank you for the great comment! 🙂

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  6. manjunathan kumaraswamy

    You are Exact, Life is a battle of certainty and uncertainty. In a post battle field a wounded soldier was whistling and screaming for help. A group of people working on providing First Aid, approaches him and recognizes him of being a enemies part and ignores treatment. ‘Trading on dead bodies’, that’s what Hospitality and Nursing is most often. In Hospitals the emergency cases
    are taken to the casualty for treatment only after the clarifications on affordability of the patient’s attenders. Even the dead bodies are handed over only after the payments confirmation. Post the battle, there are volunteers and organizations working for a common cause without distinguishing the sufferers. But they are not up to the mark of requirement. In that case Humanity is a scale which is measured in terms of money and partiality.

    • Thank you for your comments. But I do not wish to imply that life is a battle of certainty and uncertainty. Both uncertainty and certainty are natural tendencies in life, therefore, no battle exists. We can be uncertain (and upon other levels of magnification, all we can be are uncertain) and we can be certain, but only on levels of magnification. On other levels of magnification we can’t be anything but uncertain about anything, as we are a part of everything else so cannot accurately ever measure or name anything without having an effect upon the measurement and therefore altering the event. We cannot measure ourselves when we are a part of the equation.

      I see your bigger meaning, though. Thanks again for the comment and discussion.

      • Thank you very much for reverting by recalling in brief one of my previous comment. The reason why I am so seriously behind your views is that it has got a potential to upgrade and ultimate the level of Humanity. Being an author you had placed before us an unshaped rock with the pre-determination that there is a beautiful statue hidden in it and needs to be carved. Now the task before the sculptors is to identify the proper tools, estimate the man power, affix a time margin and initiate the plan.
        Before measuring the current level of humanity, we need to understand first, “was it existed with the master of all DNA? Was it there when first man on earth was created?” With this point we come to the conclusion that our perceptions on life and its beginning were all not a determination but am assumption. And therefore a beginning was there at any cost but, between certainty and uncertainty. May not be a battle of weapons was there but, obviously a battle pertaining to self analysis and self defense was there.
        We human had developed the art of magnifying our with-born natural tendencies. Still that magnifying ability of a child is determined by an optical media called education. And again there is certainty and uncertainty involved in a child getting well educated. It all depends on the child is born to whom? The affordability of them is what? Amidst the parents good will what kind of teacher and institution that the child gets? These and a multiple of issues does matter for shaping a child’s future and her level of humanity.
        Humanity is not something downfallen from space. We humans had discovered its necessity while being on the process of civilization, in view of developing relation between being and species. Man has been taught time and again not to kill animals. The slaughter men and the slaughter houses are increasing in number and making money out of life killing trade. On the other hand we have our people working 24/7 in the middle of the forest for capturing and telecasting the lives of animals. Some people believe that it is a money making trend and some see it as a humans concern over other lives on planet. Still such channels are succeeding only because of people’s willingness to know about other lives on earth.
        A corporate employee feels like having a civilized wild life for being ill-treated. Another employee after being thrown out from the system says, “In a corporate we are like a tossed coin, there are two captains awaiting our fall on the ground. And there will be a referee who will witness our fall and show way to others. A wise man says, “The place of wild is not in forest but in a selfish mind.” And a genius says, “Those who are well determined to say no to money are also capable making it!” In search of money we are going beyond the monetarism (The economic theory) in addition to that we are going beyond Humanity as well.
        So, we humans are partially neighbor and partially stranger to one another. As Mr. Robert Frost puts it, “Good fences make good neighbors.” And as Mr. Ovid puts it, “The crops always seem better in a neighbor‘s field and our neighbor’s cow gives more milk.” We need to ensure the boundaries while bridging the gap.
        A mosquito can fly between the rain drops with unbelievable speed by making rapid decisions and safeguard life. So small the creature is but beyond human potential. But the mosquito couldn’t have the concern on human and so it bites and spreads diseases. So the human’s invent the ways for restricting them in a domestic region. And still they carry out experiments to understand the specialties of species and there by knowing their importance. Whether the mosquito which bites us carries the disease spreading virus in it or not, is again a certainty and uncertainty.
        A soldier representing the king tells a warrior, who is fighting against the kingdom in favor of communal rights:-
        Soldier: You are asked to die by committing suicide.
        Warrior: who has asked?
        Soldier: The king! The Ruler!
        Warrior: For what?
        Soldier: Because we are not able to punish you on legal ground.
        The warrior politely accepts the king’s order and commits suicide. Followed by this the king for not been able to tolerate the shamefulness and worthlessness commits suicide, after fulfilling the needs of the Warrior! Though an imaginary presentation it is but history had witnessed such things happened in favor of retaining humanity in place. We have to search for it from where and when we had lost it.

        @Manjunathan K: Exactly. That is why I say there is no battle between certainty and uncertainty, these are two traits inherent in natural tendencies of humanity. Indeed, “humanity” did not fall from space; it must be cultivated, cultured, nourished and nurtured (among many other) in order to evolve (or improved upon). This kind of species cutting our teeth is what we carry throughout subsequent generations of humans. Uncertainty and certainty are both instruments to that “refining” (that is to say, like an ageing of wine or polishing a diamond, or a maturity. A species does not have to arrogantly flaunt its attributes, it merely continues at them, working on them, removing flaws; this but makes a species more inclined to survive as a species), a generational teething ring. And yes, this would be present in the DNA.

        Thank you for the incredibly thoughtful comment; it is a pleasure conversing with you.

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  8. “In the civilized life, we forget that we are animals and start believing that we are superior. We start believing that the abilities of mental acuity makes us formidable and beyond reproach.”

    I always find this debate really interesting…If we are animals, then do we not have the same right to modify the world in whatever way we want to? As an animal, is there some sort of inherent contract that we should make decisions that are best for the future survival of our species? And if not animal, as a human, how can you possess the knowledge that you can modify the world to such a degree, and not see a clear distinction in “mental acuity”, relative to other species? Are we humans and animals, or some strange amalgam that enables us to self-reflect on our relationships(giving us a kind of responsibility through conscience), and also see that we are part of the rest of the ecology on Earth and mortal?

    • As either animals or beings, the right to modify the world does not apply. A right granted and/or removed is up there with believing we are superior, that we know better than any other because we are humans and therefore top dog on the planet. This is a fallacy, I think.

      To say that we are animals is to say that we are no different, fundamentally, than any other animal on the planet. I’m not saying that we ought not to modify the world in which live (our very presence modifies the world around us), but that that ability to modify the world does not rise us up to the level of superior being. We can modify the world and we can modify the world right into extinction.

      To call ourselves human is to call ourselves animal. Humans are animals. Just because we have a separate moniker than any other animal, that of human, does not necessarily grant the distinction of superiority.

      I agree with your last statement. Yes, humans do have the ability of self-reflection and conscience) and so we see that we are a part of the ecology of the earth (our mortality is another discussion, actually, as mortality could be debated from varying levels), and it is this ability that we can see the how’s, why’s and what’s of our daily doings. And so we question and we ponder. This does not makes us special as a species, it just gives us the ability to perhaps see more or differently than another animal. It does not make us superior.

      Awesome comment! Thank you for introducing a debate and conversation.

  9. Thanks for getting in to my views and reverting, may your outstanding approach outreaches those who are interested and even those who are not interested. Let the transformation happen not on its own but out of our efforts.

    The nature has created us with a law of ‘Survival of the Fittest’, with a distinguished level of energy and strength. The question, ” Whether the beings and species are created or evolved?” has been left unanswered yet. But experiments on the essence and purpose of lives on earth is mostly but not absolutely carried out by we human beings. From that point of view we humans are advancing other species.

    When we got caught weaponless in the middle of the forest with a wild animal, we get killed. In that case the law cannot punish the animal even the creator cannot question. The wild animal by nature has got its only option to eat the flesh and keep away hunger. Similarly, A killer snake has got nothing to do in a domestic place. When we notice such a dangerous creature in our living area we crush it and throw it away. Under such circumstances, we cannot give the situation to our intellectuality and keep thinking about the importance of that living being. In other words, “we cannot get in to the creature’s shoes and feel the comforts and discomforts. We are well determined that the shoes will not fit and as a result we will have to feel the shoe bite for taking risk.

    It is by nature that we strike down a life threatening enemy. But your approach stands true and practical by meaning that, ” Can’t we make them stay away instead of striking down?”. Though we are partially succeeded in bordering between beings and other species, we still have to work on it.

    The horrible part of human beings is that we go conquering the places of animal kingdom and human themselves. Basically the naming of creatures, persons, places, Nations, and continents were all necessary only for having a unique reference and identity. But our self oriented hunt for security and reservations drives us to go breaking the boundaries and invade the communities of weaker section. What we could suggest here is to have boundaries on Humanitarian ground and cross them for building good relationship.

    The money has replaced barter system for bringing a system in the acts of deals and exchanges. When the same money has become a power of determining the quality of being and existing, that is where humanity, kindness, humbleness, benevolence all such much wanted qualities were price tagged.

    Turning back a beginner gene, Re-engineering the master of all DNA, Reprogramming the hard wired humanity are all a deep insight; an assumption; an as if. But still a trustworthy approach. A life without humanity is like being in the middle of an ocean with the absence of compass and route map. But still we are on the voyage on a ship, where our needs for survival is timely present.

    A kind request, it is always good to recall a persons opinion along with his name,in brief while having a communication through a platform where multiple people come up with their views, which will enable the reader to avoid re-reading the sentences that he cannot compare and understand.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed and agree, although it seems the only way change is conceivable is through a dramatic/cataclysmic event which forces humanity to realize how very fragile our existence is and also ingrains the willingness to correct our collective way of thinking. I do not believe there is a foreseeable way (omitting the aforementioned) we can achieve this dramatic change to the popular belief in how a majority of humans view “us”/the world. It’s a relief that you have stated on a public forum one of the greatest flaws in humanity and put it into such eloquent speech which undoubtedly formed words for us unwilling or unable to form equal comparisons and convey similar emotion. Do you believe there is a more realistic, potentially better and less destructive option awaiting mankind?

    • Manjunathan Kumaraswamy

      What I meant in the comment is that the public forum stated by the prime author on flaws in humanity is just an assumption, a deep insight, and an as if, which doesn’t mean that I am trying to defend the author’s opinion. Omitting someone’s opinion during the middle of the discussion is not proper. All of us are trying to bring back the vanished humanity on earth. On the other hand I can firmly say that Humanity is something which was found by the human themselves while being on the process of civilization. Awaiting a cataclysmic event for reshaping humanity is like believing and placing everything on nature or its creator. When nature challenges the power of Human we go inventing the ways for defending it and safeguard life. In that way we are well and good enough in our progress. But the problem here is that we stay self focused and go reserving the rights and benefits of others. Bringing back equality is nothing but bringing back humanity. We need to strongly believe that our term of life is limited as an individual and unlimited as a group. Globalization is a implication which is partially effective towards shaping the statue of equality or humanity. Now we are able to exchange our views from different points of earth beyond the limitations of distance. Who has made it possible, humans and humans alone? We need to bring in changes in terms of evaluating work and products, forgetting the boundaries drawn in favor of selfishness. So bringing back Humanity is foreseeable and always in the hands of Humans turning kind and considerate towards others. We should believe that modifying nature is for the cause of bettering the lives on earth. What I am trying to imply is that we should draw boundaries while bridging the gap, forgetting material advancement as an individual or as a Nation But, as globe..

      • Yes, brilliant comment. I agree with you (and our comments are similar in reply to kahnrad). A large scale and foreseeable change exists and begins within humanity itself. Humans taking responsibility for themselves, as well as their families and other humans, as this will be what benefits humanity as a whole. And what benefits humanity, benefits the planet as well. When I say benefit, I do not want to imply some kind of gain or profit in the sense of benefiting from the disfortune of others, but a beneft like that accomplished in a non-zero sum game. . . the idea that everybody wins.

        A different kind of thinking may be necessary to bring about this, however (as it seems you are alluding to), ecause humans would need to look at things in a brand new way, meaning the old ways of thinking no longer apply to the kind of potentional society/civilization the future could hold (think of the advancements in technology, coupled with sustainable, efficient living).

        Your comments are insightful and probing, elements of wonderful conversation both. Thank you for taking the time to initiate discourse.

    • To be in brief we cannot be a part of an equation but we should believe that we are the makers of equation. if the existing equation is not up to the mark let us modify or bring in a new equation. let us not stick to the same old belief that something dramatic has to happen for bringing back the humanity. such decision will make us become action-less and lazy. The term humanity is already defined and so redefining is not necessary. derivation of an equation is required only on education platform. when it comes to practical life we need only solutions out of equations.

      • Yes, but I disagree with you on one point. We humans ARE a part of the equation; this is not a problem. Currently, humans believes that we are disconnected, that we are not a part of the equation. That is a problem. Humans are nature, humans are the planet, therefore a part of the equation. Modification is not stilted by this, but amplified. Trying to pull solutions to equations that do not apply won’t work. But introducing variables or creative solutions that appear to not apply, but in fact do, is something else altogether. Drawing lines in the sand, a binary way of thinking (that is saying things are only black and white) is a flaw already existent within humanity.

        I agree, though, that there is a difference between the practical and the theoretical, but they are not severed from one another. Theoretical can lead to practical and the practical can influence theories. This integrative, reciprical relationship can bring about the solutions you speak of.

        Again, thank you for the conversation.

    • @kahnrad
      Humanity will change, simply because human nature follows all the same “laws” as everything else on the planet, and that is to continue to evolve and change as best will perpetuate the species. What can we, as humans, do to bring about this dramatic change? What we are doing now. Humanity is in the process of changing right now in this moment, simultaneously all over the globe. Although, we may consider ourselves disconnected (by either distance, border, boundary, ideology, etc. etc.) and at a certain level we are, but each one of us also has an effect upon the other (think of the idea chaos theory). We are a fractal of this planet. That is not to say do nothing, that is to say, that change occurs because as each individual changes something within him or her, as does the environment, which includes other humans as well as the planet.

      I cannot recommend a better option; only that can be determined or discerned within the self. That is where change begins.

      Thank you for the great comment!

      • Manjunathan Kumaraswamy

        Thank you very much for your reply. What I am trying to imply is that the theories, the ideologies can be brought in to practice only by transforming them among everyone concerned. For achieving this task we need to use the optical media called education for magnifying the individuals. Once if it is done we will be able to say to everyone that an up gradation of existing humanity is required for benefitting all in equal. In our early days there were isms like Darwin theory which had left a tremendous impact on global psychology and made the whole world to think of something beyond special creation theory. Those days the communication means were not sufficient or advanced enough for leading the innovative thoughts globally transformed but, today that is not the case. Chaos theory states that there is a relation between the forthcoming earthquake and the swinging of wings of a butterfly. I agree that there are creatures far more intelligent than Human beings, but they cannot have concern over humans and so cannot create awareness on earthquake, just like the mosquitoes cannot sympathize humans being infected with virus for being bitten. A beggar on the street appears before us only with an expectation on something being dropped in his bowl. If he comes across someone who slaps him for begging and justifying his act by recalling the ugliness of begging will there be a natural tendency driven in to the beggar’s mind for hearing what is well preached. We need to drop a coin in to the bowl first and then tell him that as I am concerned on your life you are also committed to hear what I say. In that way things will work! The same thing applies in the case of an illiterate being thought by a literate. As there is a saying goes like this, “Men should be preached as if you preach them not”.

  11. Well thought. We need more people to think like you.

  12. Hi Niko, your spiral scale analogy is wonderful! Another analogy I’ve heard is everything in existence can be measured as a frequency, a vibrational wavelength. We are merely a note amongst an infinite scale on the universal spectrum. Here’s a short video that may interest you:
    Be well!

    • Hello. 🙂

      Thank you for your compliments. Yes, a spiral is one of the ways in which I perceive the world about. This spiral scale process I find to be present in almost everything. I also agree with your analogy; most definitely existence can be explained and perceived through vibration and resonance; frequency. I see this as well. We are like a sine qua non wave, resonating harmonically with and within existence. Thanks for the link!


      • Hi Niko, Thanks for your Reply and thank you indeed for recognizing the fact that the leaders leading the communities can change and develop the world’s way of looking at things and thereby globalizing Humanity. Follow an ant, the supernatural creature of the universe with its unequal and unparallel strength of team leading and team playing skills, that is what the only suggestion in brief that we would like to give you in this regard. The ants as a team don’t give a place in them to the destructive power called ego. So do they achieve as a team. Can’t we learn from them that we are isolated by the egos called Nationality, Individuality and so on? We need to call for Universal law of finance, “If everybody on earth is made to be rich then everyone will become capable of borrowing what one another has”.

        With Regards

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