Blowin’ In The Wind

“Don’t be afraid to be weak, Don’t be too proud to be strong.
Just look into your heart my friend, That will be the return to yourself. . .

“Be yourself don’t hide, Just believe in destiny. . .”

“Don’t care what people say, Just follow your own way. . .”

“That’s not the beginning of the end, That’s the return to yourself. . .”

“The return to innocence.”

*Quotes from lyrics to The Return To Innocence by Enigma

*Image #4 is a photomanipulation of: Image of trees taken by NIKOtheOrb, “Cosmos8_0008” and “Cosmos1_0005” produced by Funerium and distributed through Resurgere stock.

5 thoughts on “Blowin’ In The Wind

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  2. Just hit the ‘random; button… I have been listening to the unique and inspiring music of Enigma for 20 years. The lyrics to that particular song are very moving. … Love the choice of imagery. I’m art-appreciation-challenged, but the contrasting colors in your photos really grabbed and held my attention.

    • Thank you. . .
      I’ve been listening to Enigma since their first release, too. Return To Innocence remains one of my favorites, and it has been rotating on my current playlist. While listening to the song one day, I was inspired to write post.
      Thanks for the comment!

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