Uncertainty Principle, NonDuality and Reality

That we are not able to quantify accurately “reality” is a bit farther than the Heisenberg Principle. See, the reason an uncertainty exists (and that includes the uncertainty associated with the probability patterns of “particles”) is because we (that is a conscious consciousness, that is to say an aware awareness, one that is aware that it is awareness and one that is conscious that it is consciousness) is due to that conscious consciousness as part of the probability pattern. I mean, are we not (if there are atoms et al) an amalgamation of atoms? We are fractals, we are like the trees and their roots in the earth. We are like streams and their roots in the rivers. We are synthesis incarnate, so to speak. We cannot be certain because we are part of the problem, hence we are the problem. Although, we can be aware that we are aware we cannot always be sure that that is what we are doing, because we are that which awares. We do not think, we are thinking. That is we are not THE state of to think (as if “to think” were the wheel of a car and the mind/brain the driver), we ARE think (in other words, we are the car, the driver, the wheel, the motion, the revolutions per minute, the vibrations, the frequency, etc.).

Perhaps, this is probably heading off more into the Observer’s Effect, rather than the Uncertainty Principle, but what I am trying to convey is a merging of the two. . . philosophically. Bicameral thinking is archaic, nay, even prehistoric.  Non duality is the way to solving problems. That logic and creativity are not at odds, but synergistic. It’s like the mind brain problem of neuroscience (although, I don’t think this is so much a problem anymore as science has been entering some incredible areas, such as anomalous cognition, consciousness as outside of the brain, multi-dimensional cognition, etc.) whence once was thought mind and brain were divided, it has come to pass that mind and brain are like two sides of the same coin. That consciousness is not the brain, but the brain does have some integral part. The brain thinks, so to speak, the mind knows.

And what of beyond the mind? What is beyond the mind? What of a singularity? The idea that there is a one consciousness, fractalized?


*Fractal image, “Fairy Tree” by Nirolo

3 thoughts on “Uncertainty Principle, NonDuality and Reality

  1. Incredible art work. I have had some time to think about the duality that we tend to work in most of the time. I think you’re right. That does not need to be there because we are one. I read something a long time ago about how humans tend to want to process things in polar regions. Kind of like we’re all bi-polar in a way. We say black, white; good, bad; up, down. If we started thinking outside of that, we might actually jump outside our self-contained boxes. That if we COULD do that, we would change fundamentally.

    • I love that artwork of the tree; there are some incredible artists over at deviantArt. And so many are willing to allow their incredible work to be used.

      Indeed; if we could think outside of the box naturally, as if nonduality were just the normal way of thinking, humans have a lot to gain as humans and as sentient beings. Yes, change we would. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see such a day? 🙂

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

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