Natural Hair is Sexy and Beautiful

Mainstream society has made it so that too many of us black women believe that the only way we can be sexy and beautiful or even to be perceived as sexy and beautiful is if we have stick straight hair, or permed hair, or relaxed hair…as long as our hair is not “nappy” or “kinky”. This derogative connotation about black hair is even present within black communities and within black families. How many of us have heard women of color with straight, thin hair referred to as “You got good hair”? That can be funny, but on the flipside, it also means that nappy or kinky hair is bad.

Nappy or kinky is NOT bad, it’s our hair. It’s our natural hair in its natural and healthiest form. Natural hair has texture and feels good and it looks good…it is beautiful, and, dammit! it is incredibly sexy. It’s about time that we black women stood up and were proud of our hair and show it off. This is part of our aesthetic and our natural beauty and natural energy. It’s what makes us sexy, it’s what makes us beautiful women, as well as human beings.

Embrace you. Become what you are.

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